Heated loungers



Tumbona termica azul


Thermal lounger for relaxing or resting areas, particularly suitable to combine with the use of sauna, steam bath, and hydrotherapy sessions.

Made of phenolic marine grade plywood structure and high pressure laminate (HPL) sheeting covered in 15 x 15 mm gloss mosaic tiles using highly effective elastic and impermeable adhesive. The surface is available in any color with the possibility of creating your own custom combination on demand.



Gresite blanco
Gresite azules
Gresite blanco negro
Gresite rojo negro
Gresite Negro

Great design and totally ergonomic:


  • Its lumbar support will adapt perfectly to people with different heights.
  • A height of 40 cm from the ground at its lowest point makes the access
    ideal to lay down and to get up comfortably.
  • All measurements and inclinations of the lounger are designed for a
    perfect adaptation of the body to the lounger, the legs are raised above the height of the heart and that is no coincidence.
  • The heart sends the blood to the feet, but that blood must return, this return is not easy because it is counter- gravity and the blood accumulates in the legs causing problems. With our lounger design and inclinations, we can improve circulation..

    Combined heat and ergonomic bring numerous therapeutic benefits

    • Relaxes the whole muscular system
    • Stimulates metabolism
    • Improves circulation system
    • Intensifies the sense of well-being after other therapies
    Tumbona roja negra

    Our heated loungers incorporate an internal heating system for continuous professional use. The standard thermostat is a digital temperature indicator display with a programmer that allows a constant and uniform temperature to be maintained.
    As an option we have a WIFI thermostat and integration with ALEXA, the user can use the smartphone or any other digital device.


    • Turn on and off the device from anywhere with an internet connection.
    • The possibility of changing the temperature orany other set up without having to get up from the lounger.